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RootEd is a parent-led, grassroots organization that promotes neighborhood public schools through storytelling, advocacy, and education. We believe a strong public school system for all children creates a robust economic and well-connected community.

Welcome, RootEd Representative!


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We are so excited that you have decided to join the RootEd family as a RootEd Representative! 

You were likely asked to volunteer for this position because you show a love for your school that is contagious. You are a culture-bearer for your campus and want others to know why it is so special and unique too! You have the heart to be your school’s biggest cheerleader; RootEd will give you the tools to translate your passion into intentional story-telling.

RootEd organization leadership

In the fall of 2017, we noticed that some of our friends were choosing to not enroll their children in their neighborhood schools. After asking some questions and doing a little research, we realized that our friends were making their decisions based on incomplete information.

You see, traditional public school districts don’t have big marketing budgets to tell their stories. And, in bigger districts, every school has a unique culture and personality which often can’t be captured adequately from an outside point-of-view. This is how RootEd was born!

As parents with children in multiple NEISD schools, we see first hand the importance of telling the stories of our experiences and empowering others to do so as well.  Each of the RootEd Co-founders has a different “why” that motivates them- whether it’s out of love of their neighborhood or to advocate for an equitable education for all children, but in the end we all have the same goal: to tell the stories of the amazing things happening each and every day on the campuses of our neighborhood schools.

We can’t wait for you to get started!

RootEd Co-Founders, 

Cristy Burguete

Terri Pease

Gen Sugalski

Cameron Vickrey