RootEd Rep Training Guide

RootEd is a parent-led, grassroots organization that promotes neighborhood public schools through storytelling, advocacy, and education. We believe a strong public school system for all children creates a robust economic and well-connected community.

RootEd Rep Training Guide


  • Decide which social media accounts you’ll use
  • Add your RootEd hashtag to your posts
  • Join our FB group and/or Slack
  • Introduce yourself to your Principal, School and PTA
  • Practice Using Canva to create graphics and videos


  • Your school hashtag is #RootEdNameofSchool
  • Add it to the end of your posts
  • Suggest your school staff and parents add it to their posts


CANVA – graphics

  • Watch the Canva training video in our video training area
  • The RootEd branded logos are loaded in our team account
  • Copy the graphic you need to make your own


We have created a sample calendar for you that includes typical school events but we’ve indicated which ones would be something you could help with as a RootEd Rep. There are some events that are purely RootEd as well. These are just ideas, take it or leave it.

Elementary RootEd Calendar – click here

Middle and High School Calendar – click here


If you would like to communicate what RootEd is all about to your school or staff, feel free to use this slideshow presentation.  You may save as, edit, put your name on it, whatever you need to make it work for you.  



  • Keep up with RootEd by joining one of our messaging groups

RootEd Rep private Facebook group:

We also use Slack App to communicate click here:


We are so excited that you are joining the ranks of our amazing RootEd Reps!

Have fun with this volunteer position! Be a cheerleader for your school Let us know if you need anything!