2020-2021 Mentionables

2020-2021 RootEd Reps of the Year

Kathy Mochel, Sarah Aguirre, Kelly Schriever, Colonies North Elem NISD

All three of these amazing ladies have truly embraced RootEd and have been instrumental in “spreading the word” about their wonderful community school…Colonies North Elementary.  Not only do they regularly post about our school, they encourage our teachers to post their stories on social media, too.  Our top teacher “posters” receive monthly gifts and recognition from these wonderful ladies for also spreading the word.  They are true advocates of public education and Colonies North, specifically.  My campus is a very unique school in that almost 20% of our students are refugees from other war-torn countries.  Sadly, we have encountered others not wanting their children around “these kids.”  Mrs. Mochel, Mrs. Aguirre, and Mrs. Schriever are quick to highlight the advantages of children working alongside our refugee students.  The bonds our students grow are immeasurable.  These ladies are outstanding RootEd Reps, and we are so lucky to have their support! -Ms. Farrell

RootEd School Staff Member of the Year, 2020-2021

Jan Morrish, Bellaire Elem Harlandale ISD

Since covid happened I could not share as much due to the no volunteering. I asked her to use the RootEd hashtags when she posts happenings. Since then she ran with it and hasn’t stopped, and I loved her for it. She deserves to be recognized for going above and beyond, not only as a school counselor, but for promoting our public school with no hesitation and for supporting me along the way without even knowing so. 😁 She even joined our RootEd first ever zoom meeting night for question and answers, as she knew I was so nervous for it. That extra support deserves to be recognized. -Rosemary Longoria

2020-2021 Spirit of RootEd Campus Award

Krueger Middle School, NEISD

We are excited to name NEISD’s Krueger MS as our Most RootEd Campus for the 2020-2021 School Year! KMS exemplifies the spirit of RootEd by their excellent storytelling, the use of their hashtag by a large number of their staff members and departments across multiple social media platforms, and the overall welcoming nature of their campus. They find innovative and creative ways to engage the community. Their school spirit and pride is second to none!  Congrats, Krueger Middle School!

Standout RootEd Reps 2020-2021, mentioned by their Principal

Kathy Moore, Hidden Forest Elem NEISD

Not only did Mrs. Moore teach virtually for the majority of the 20-21 school year through a pandemic, but in March she welcomed a whole group of students back to a traditional in-person class with open arms, after only having a couple of days to prepare her classroom. Which is another great quality of Mrs. Moore, she is always well prepared, organized and ready to take on any challenge with ease, grace and with a smile. Mrs. Moore is the Grade Level Chair for 3rd grade, she is the POC for our school webpages, which are always up to date, and she is a wealth of knowledge for her team and other peers on campus can depend on. Mrs. Moore goes above and beyond to ensure all of her responsibilities are completed in a timely and professional manner. She will definitely be missed as our RootEd Rep, but has already volunteered to assist the new Rep in any way she can, because that is who she is.

Kristin Ledesma, Kuentz Elem NISD

Kristin has been instrumental at helping us communicate the great things our public school has done, especially during the pandemic! Even though things looked different this year, her enthusiasm for our teachers and students was shared in countless social media posts as well as numerous conversations with worried parents. She is our number one supporter and we can’t thank her enough for all she does to promote public education.

Amanda Quick, Hoffmann Elem NISD

Despite all the challenges of teaching this content in both in person and virtual settings and with current protocols making collaboration even more difficult, she has found ways to make it engaging for all students! Additionally, she took a lead role in supporting our USDA Farm to Schools Grant. She is always on the lookout for ways to make this school year fun and engaging for students as well as other teachers!

Elizabeth Sugrue, Eisenhower MS NEISD

Mrs. Elizabeth Sugrue sent me an email in late March with information in regards to open COVID Vaccine appointments. In a time when the community was scrambling to get appointments, Mrs. Sugrue  thought about the Eisenhower staff and that was so appreciated especially from those who still needed a vaccine at the time.

Catherine Lazo, Evers Elem NISD

I appreciate her support in staying connected with our school and trusting us with her child’s education. She takes the lead in sharing our story and also building relationships with business partners so that they know our presence in our community!

Jennelle Berger, Oak Meadow Elem NEISD

Jennelle is instrumental in connecting current and future Mavs to attend our school events such as our Mini Mavs story time. She helps distribute information about our Round Up to encourage parents to visit Oak Meadow to learn about the amazing things happening at the Meadow.

Cruz Ramirez, Rawlinson MS NISD

Mrs. Ramirez works diligently in her classroom and with her fellow art teachers to promote a love of art, creativity, and hard work. She also motivates students to set goals for themselves, serving as a role-model and mentor. Her positivity, dedication, and work ethic are infectious and raise the bar for the rest of our staff regardless of what content they teach.

Notable Staff Members of RootEd Schools, 2020-2021

Principal Gina Christenson, Caroll Bell Elem Harlandale ISD

Every single day she views glimpses into our school world as an opportunity to let the public in (despite Covid). Dr. Christenson, multiple times a day, celebrates students and teacher! Her constant communication with all creates an exemplary school community! -3rd Grade Teacher

Vanessa Guerra, Menchaca Early Childhood Center SSISD

Mrs. Vanessa Guerra has consistently gone above and beyond prior to the pandemic and especially throughout the pandemic. She engages students, volunteers on committees, helps strengthen our dual language program, and even works summer school. She shares resources frequently and she builds such strong relationships with students and families. Mrs. Guerra never hesitates to support with bilingual needs and is a go-getter and really sets herself apart from her peers. -Dr. Morgan

Mary Rose Trinidad, Menchaca Early Childhood Center SSISD

Ms. Mary Rose Trinidad is kind and always respectful to her students, their families, and co-workers. Like with most teachers, her students are a priority but it doesn’t stop there. This year especially, she has made herself available to her team to help when needed. She steps up when staff feel overwhelmed and really connected with her students’ families and involving them in the school even during remote learning. They all stayed connected. Her attitude truly represents one team, one dream, and one goal and that is why she should represent Menchaca. -Ms. Herrera

Melanie Morgan, Menchaca Early Childhood Center SSISD

Dr. Melanie Morgan is a school counselor who volunteers to operate our school website and Facebook page using the #RootEdMenchacaECC hashtag. Her posts share with the wider community and Menchaca families the greatness that is happening on our campus. With the pandemic, she’s found ways to share and involve even our remote students and families. The number of followers on our school Facebook page has grown exponentially as she posts important updates, students in action, and all the relevant activities that traditionally families are invited to but due to COVID haven’t been able to. She connects our community with our school through her words, pictures, and timely updates. The families enjoy being a part of their child’s school experience. Dr. Morgan is the sole communicator and respondent for all of their messages, questions, and inquiries. Dr. Morgan is the reason all that happens at Menchaca is shared with the greater community. Greatness happens not only at more affluent public schools, but also the lowest socio-economic, too, and she still finds a way to share that with families. -Ms. Hernandez

Allison Call, Wetmore Elem NEISD

Mrs. Call ensured that all events and happenings on campus were posted. Parents and community members appreciated being informed and loved seeing the students at Wetmore do fun things at school. -Ms. Leach

Shannon Jenn, Wetmore Elem NEISD

Mrs. Jenn remembered to post about the wonderful events and activities happening on our campus that not only supported our students but our staff members. During this odd year, we needed ways to stay connected when we physically couldn’t be connected. Mrs. Jenn’s posts and shared information allowed our school family to stay connected in a whole new way. -Ms. Leach

Charmaine McMillen, Colonies North Elem NISD

Charmaine promotes Colonies North through social media and her everyday actions. Charmaine consistently used the #RootedColoniesNorth hashtag in her many social media posts. She is also an active member of her school community. She is the STEM teacher and teaches every child at the school. She has formed strong bonds with all of her students inside and out of the classroom. -Sarah Aguirre

Felisha Martin, Hobby MS NISD

Felisha supports Hobby Middle School in multiple ways. She consistently posts on social media all of the amazing things happening in her science class and in the school. She is on the executive board of the PTA and has a child who attends school on her campus. Felisha is a fierce public school advocate. -Sarah Aguirre

Erica Leal, Rawlinson MS NISD

Erica has been active in re-tweeting for our art department, all the good stuff that is going on! -Cruz Ramirez