Construction Careers Academy (CCA) RootEd Tour

Northside ISD’s magnet school Construction Careers Academy (CCA) RootEd Tour

RootEd had the opportunity to visit Northside ISD’s magnet school that focuses on careers in the construction industry.  

Construction Careers Academy (CCA) was created 10 years ago and every year is getting better and better!  

Each year 120 freshman join the program and spend the first 2 years learning the curriculum and how to use equipment in anticipation of making their fully-equipped tiny home their junior and senior year.  While on the tour with Adrian Velasquez, the Student Success Liaison, we were able to see the architecture classroom where they design a home, the labs where they work on software and practice design math that construction entails and the actual creation of a tiny home and other amazing projects.  


Construction Careers Academy (CCA) RootEd Tour


The students learn every detail of building a home including electrical, plumbing, and carpentry.  This all leads them to the build of the tiny homes.  They spend 2 years building their home to sell at auction.  The homes are gorgeous and are built on custom trailers ready to be moved to the desired locations. These are skills they can take with them to the real world and apply to so many types of occupations.  We were truly impressed with the facilities and the opportunities this program presents to their students.  You could really see the focus in the student’s work and the joy in the instructor’s eyes. 

Construction Careers Academy (CCA) RootEd Tour

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